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The new Rift Herald will be cute, green and she’ll smash all your towers

Look at those...horn-feeler-thingies! Cute!

The League of Legends 2017 midseason update is coming soon, and Riot has announced that some big changes are coming to our beloved Rift Herald.

Like before, only one person can claim the Rift Herald buff and it comes in the form of an item that you pick up. The item goes into your trinket slot - so you’ll always have room for it. You have to use the item before it expires and it summons your own personal Rift Herald!

She smashes all the enemy towers in your lane, ignoring minions and champions. Enemy champions will have to try to kill her and use crowd control to stop her from pushing in to their lanes.

Taking her down in lane will be similar to fighting her as a boss. You’re going to want to use all your strongest spells and hit that eyeball to do optimal damage.

The item also grants the holder empowered recalls, like Baron Nashor, while the champion holds the item before using it.

We don’t know how exactly strong the Rift Herald will be or how much health the summoned version will have yet, but we can expect it to not be much stronger than the version you see in the Baron pit. (It’d be broken otherwise, right Riot? ...right?)