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Sejuani rework: New kit, what to know

Sejuani is back, and she can use more than her ultimate to stun you now.

Riot Games

The largest of this year’s Mid-Season Tank Updates belongs to Sejuani; a champion that hasn’t seen many changes in the last several seasons. In her previous incarnation, Sejuani was mostly useful for her Ultimate — an incredibly powerful AOE stun — with the rest of her kit doing very little.

After her change, Sejuani should have a much more interesting kit and far more ways to interact with the game and create opportunities for her team during fights.

Passive - Frost Armor (Changed!)

After not taking damage for a brief period, Sejuani becomes immune to slows and gains bonus resistances. Frost Armor lingers briefly after taking damage.

Frost Armor refreshes faster with Sejuani’s movement.

Q - Arctic Assault (Unchanged)

Sejuani charges forward, damaging and knocking up enemies in her path. The charge stops in the first enemy champion or large monster hit.

W - Winter’s Wrath (Changed!)

Riot Games

Sejuani swings her mace in front of her, then slams it down in a line. Both swings deal damage and apply Frost.

E - Permafrost (Changed!)

Riot Games

Passive: Sejuani’s basic attacks apply Frost on champions and large monsters. Nearby allied melee champions also gain this effect. Frost stacks up to four times.

Active: Sejuani damages, stuns, and freezes target enemy with max Frost stacks. Sejuani’s first attack or ability against a frozen enemy deals a portion of their maximum health as damage.

R - Glacial Prison (Changed!)

Riot Games

Sejuani throws her True Ice bola which damages, stuns, and freezes the first champion hit based on distance traveled. Long-range bolas leave behind an ice storm that slows enemies, erupting after a brief delay to damage and massively slow enemies except the original target.