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Xayah and Rakan are giftable with IP

If your friends don’t gift you Xayah, they’re not your friends anymore.

Good news, IP hoarding fiends, you can now burn your IP by gifting your friends Xayah and Rakan, the new champion duo to be released.

The champions will be giftable for 6300 IP each, which is 1500 less than the usual release price of 7800 IP. Of course, you can buy the champions for yourself for 7800 IP or 975 RP, but why would you want to when you can exchange the champions with your friends for cheaper?

If you gift one of your buddies Rakan or Xayah, you will also get this sweet limited edition icon.

If you don’t have the IP, don’t worry - you can gift the champions with RP and get the icon as well.

If you play two or more games with Xayah and Rakan together (as in you’re playing one and a teammate is playing the other,) you will get this swaggy feather icon! It has to be a game on Summoner’s Rift and custom games do not count.

If you don’t have the IP for the champs and you’re not about spending money, don’t fret. There will be a double IP weekend from April 21 until April 23 so you can rack up IP then! It should be noted that Riot has announced this as a double IP weekend - not a party bonus IP weekend, so you should get bonus IP regardless if you play solo or with your friends.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to gift their awesome release skins with IP, but hey! I’m sure your duo would absolutely love you if you gifted them the skins with your meager amount of RP.

You can only get these icons during the first release week, so make sure to grab the two icons by April 26!