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Patch 7.8 ARAM changes, explained

Mainly poros. The poro changes are the most important. Im-poro-tant. :)

Everyone either loves or hates the All Random All Mid game mode. Better known as ARAM, sometimes it can be frustrating to play the game because the game goes much longer than it should. As of patch 7.8, there have been minor changes to make games shorter and improve the general game quality!


You now get three passive gold if you’re around a minion when it dies, similar to the Talisman passive. However, in exchange, minions now give less gold for kills and gold per five items have been removed from the game mode. This includes support items and cull.


Health relics now spawn a minute earlier, at 2:00 and give less health in general. However, it now gives health points back based on missing health, so the lower you are, the more health you get back!


Minions now spawn earlier and more frequently. In return, they get stronger faster and have tank minions spawning more often as well! Super minions are also even tankier and they grant passive movement speed when allied champions are around.


The window to get assists on towers and champions has been expanded to 30 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. Now you can get that assist gold even if you’ve been dead since the beginning of that awful teamfight! Kaching!


Yes, there have been small changes to the poros as well. Poros now wander around the map more and do not start off in bushes. Their sense of smell has also been nerfed and the radius that they’ll follow you if you’re holding a biscuit has been decreased. (This is why we feed the poros. They’ll give away your bush position if you don’t.) They also added even more poros to the map and increased their health, though they didn’t really die to begin with.

There has also been a note added to the recall buff letting you know that your recall animation will play if you back, even though you won’t actually recall. This has been implemented for quite a few patches, but it just wasn’t described in a tooltip.

Games should be a bit better now, so get out there and ARAM!