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League of Legends legacy client will retire in North America on April 24

Say goodbye to the blue box!

The new League of Legends client will become mandatory for players to use starting April 24 in North America. The legacy client has been being used since the game’s start and people have been long awaiting the upgrade.

However, once the new client began testing many months ago, players have had many concerns with its functionality and exclusion of some of the features the old client had. The new client was reported slow on low-spec computers and didn’t include features like item sets, ARAM wins and being able to close or minimize buddy lists.

Riot has stated that though the new client is now the only client, it’s far from finished. The company has been listening to the players and plans on adding the missing features in the future.

If you are one of the many people who are don’t like the new client because it doesn’t run the best on your computer, make sure you enable low-spec mode in the settings! Hopefully that’ll help.

There is no way to switch back to the legacy client, so say your farewells if you’re still using it!