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League of Legends 7.7 meta: Kennen ADC surfaces, Amumu gets a huge boost

Kennen. So hot right now.

Last week in patch 7.7, a lot of champions were buffed, improving their gameplay and win rates, though not all of the shifts in the meta come from patches. All of these statistics are from the lovely!

Jarvan IV

Jarvan has become a bit more of a top-lane menace, but that’s fine with us! His bonus shield now scales with his health, rather than just being a flat amount - which is an upgrade that he’s desperately needed. The initial flat amount gained from Golden Aegis has also been boosted quite a bit. Keep this in mind when you go in to 1-v-1 that Jarvan! His shield’s going to make him beefier than expected and you might lose because of it.


This sad mummy was predicted to be broken as soon as everyone saw his update. Now his auto attacks cause 15 percent of all AP damage to be dealt another time as true damage. Yikes. Not only do his autos proc this, but Despair and Curse of the Sad Mummy do as well! He now goes great with AP teams and is a mummy to be feared!


Kass had a bit of a buff to the cooldown on his Force Pulse and a damage buff on Rift Walk, but as we’ve seen in the past he sits on a fine line between awful and broken. As of right now, he’s sitting at a steady and not too big win rate, but who knows how that could change in the future?


Kennen actually wasn’t changed at all in the last patch. Fnatic’s Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is known for pulling out the Kennen ADC at times and it’s actually been getting bigger and bigger. FlyQuest’s Johnny “Altec” Ru also played the champion as an AD carry during summer split quarterfinals and despite that he didn’t do too well, the champion has seen popularity in this role as of late.


Chimes! Bard had huge changes to his chime system, allowing him to deal more damage, hold more meeps and just be more rewarded for collecting the dang things. This has helped the wandering spirit a lot when it comes to being rewarded for roaming (like how he’s supposed to.)