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Galio’s new ability kit is finally here

Lots of bulky damage and crowd control!

After his big reveal on Monday, Galio’s official kit is here! We finally get to see what the new (and improved?) gargoyle can do.

It seems that he’s completely changed his identity from anti-mage to statuesque tank engager. He’s also huge now. He is definitely one of the largest champions in the game’s lore, up there with Nautilus, Malphite and Aurelion Sol.

Riot has still kept some elements from his old kit — the AOE taunt is still there, just on a different ability, as is the whole “he’s made of stone” thing. However, it looks like he’s shifting from primarily a mid laner to a top laner or support.

Passive: Colossal Smash

Galio gains an empowered auto-attack that deals magic damage in an area, scaling off of bonus attack damage and magic resist. The cooldown is reduced when his abilities hit a unique champion, once per spell.

Q: Winds of War

Galio shoots small gusts of winds from his wings. The two gusts curve to meet in the middle and deal bonus damage when they collide, based off of the target’s missing health.

W: Shield of Durand

Holding down the W key slows Galio but gives him damage resist. This can’t be interrupted by crowd control. When you release W, he taunts in an area-of-effect that scales with how long he charged the ability for.

E: Justice Punch

Similar to Vi’s Q, Galio charges and knocks up everything in his path, dealing magic damage. It stops when it collides with terrain or the first champion hit.

R: Hero’s Entrance

Galio leaps into the air and targets an area with an ally. He then crashes down, with the resists of Shield of Durand and smashes whatever is in the spot he targeted. Enemies in the area are knocked-up and hit with magic damage. The closer the enemies are to the middle, the more they are knocked up.

You can see an example of his skills in action in this video posted by the League of Legends Twitter.

Galio’s update will be going live on the Public Beta Environment this week and will be on the live servers in patch 7.6.