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New Galio is coming in patch 7.6 and he looks cool as hell

That’s my new dad.

Update, 3/7: Galio’s new kit has been announced and can be found right here.

The Galio rework is finally here. After years of people complaining about his retro look and debatably broken kit, it’s time to look at the new Galio that Riot revealed on Monday.

Holy. Crap. He looks amazing. While Galio always had that “gentle giant” vibe going on with him, he now has a “buff superhero” vibe and we’re really into it.

It seems that he still has an ability that shoots gust and his ultimate looks like...a near-global knock-up?? Riot, why would you do this to us? (Either way, it’s cool and we love the Galio update so far and we love you still.)

At the end of the video, you can even see a peek at Galio in his updated skins - and oh boy, do they look good.

The League of Legends Twitter teased Galio originally on Thursday, posting the image below. The image depicts somebody who looks like Lux, holding a wounded soldier while looking at Galio’s massive silhouette.

Galio’s full reveal should be posted soon and he will be released on patch 7.6.