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League of Legends 7.6 meta: Galio arrives, Aatrox catches up

The meta shifts ever so slightly this week.

With League of Legends patch 7.6 dropping last week, win rates have finally settled and the dust has cleared. Here’s your weekly guide of what’s actually going on as a result of those patch changes, aided by stats from


This is the gargoyle everyone is talking about, and he’s apparently busted. Normally reworks and new champions do terribly on release, but Galio isn’t doing too bad! Maybe Riot made him a little too strong on release. Either way, we’ll likely be seeing nerfs soon enough, though his winrates aren’t too high.

It’s also worth noting that Galio will be disabled for LCS playoffs. We won’t be seeing this overpowered beefy gargoyle-man-thing in competitive anytime soon.


Aatrox had a really rough week after patch 7.5. People didn’t really understand his changes and his win rate was abysmal! With a boost in health, base damage on his Blood Price and a shorter cooldown on Dark Flight, he’s gotten the proper buff he needed to be back in good form!


Kindred’s buff was in patch 7.5, but they’ve been getting even better! Their passive changed to make sure that the higher stake Wolf marks won’t come around until Kindred has a certain number of stacks. You won’t be seeing any of the boss monsters marked until after they have eight or more stacks, so you can farm relatively safely!


Vladimir hasn’t actually been touched in a long time and we don’t really know what’s causing his winrate to decline. Maybe due to the fact that he’s been picked more in competitive, more people are trying him out and failing? We just don’t know, but his winrate is going down more every patch.


Oh, poor, poor Varus. After her getting his Piercing Arrow damage and cooldown nerfed in patch 7.5, he was struggling. The Edge of Night and Deathfire Touch nerfs didn’t really help him much either. However, Riot has given him a little boost by making his cooldown refund on his Blight proc easier, which has actually given him a big boost back to a healthy winrate.


Lulu was getting away with her Polymorph not being affected by tenacity and items that remove spell effects and that was just not right. After a hotfix in patch 7.6, she’s her winrate dipped a little, knocking her off as one of the strongest supports around right now. (Thank goodness.)