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League of Legends meta: LeBlanc plummets after nerfs

It happens, I guess.

After every patch, various champions affected by the patch have major changes to their winrates. This week is no exception, as LeBlanc, Aatrox, Fizz and other champs have had big changes!

These are the champs we’ve noticed with the biggest winrate changes caused directly from nerfs, buffs or just big changes, according to

LeBlanc is typically a huge menace in the mid lane, being extremely dominant and strong. The damage from Distortion (her W) has been nerfed significantly in patch 7.5. Though Riot boosted the damage Shatter Orb does towards minions, that didn’t really help since she lost so much champion damage.

She dropped from 52.37 percent to 43.26 percent in a single patch. Yikes.

In patch 7.5, Urchin Strike’s AP ratio was raised, though the other changes may be seen more like a nerfs. The bleed duration on Seastone Trident was lowered, but the mark duration was raised. Chum the Waters also doesn’t stick to enemies after it’s been thrown as easily and enemies can’t pick up a fish that’s been missed.

Regardless, the changes in this patch were enough to make Fizz the most improved champion in top and mid lane.

It’s not unusual for big champion changes to result in tanked winrates. Aatrox had a major change (almost a mini-rework) in the latest patch, so it totally makes sense that people who don’t normally play him are itching to try him and failing or that even regular Aatrox players can’t quite get a grasp on him.

Dropping 11 percent in each role is ugly, but you can learn how to master the new Aatrox with our guide!

Lucian is no longer Lose-ian! Piercing Light and Ardent Blaze have shorter cast times, which means you can get those fancy combos off faster. While a two percent raise doesn’t seem like much, Lucian has been in such a bad spot lately, that this buff might make him look like a real ADC!

These aren’t the only champions that have changed! You can see our summary of the patch 7.5 changes here. Make sure you know the changes before you queue into your next game!