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League of Legends champions without recall animations will get them soon

You get a recall animation! And you get a recall animation! You all get recall animations!!

Nothing felt more special than showing off the special recall on your pricey Arcade recall animation. That’s one of the things that has made new champions and skins so special. Heck, look at the 2015 SKT T1 skins. Most of them have special recalls chosen by the players!

Recall animations are something special. Not only do they help with clarity and being able to tell if a champion is backing or not, but they add personality and story to skins and champions.

Riot has finally answered the cry of the players and has given every champion recall animations on the Public Beta Environment. Though they’re not specially made animations, they’re certainly better than nothing.

Most of the recalls are made up using a mix of other champion animations you may be familiar with.

For example, Jax’s new recall animation uses his various idle animations!


These basic recall animations apply to the base champion skin as well as any skin that champion has that doesn’t already have a recall animation. So this recall in particular will also be seen on Mighty, Vandal, Angler, PAX, Jaximus, Temple, Nemesis, SKT and Warden. (Wait, why does Jax have so many skins?)

Each animation will only use existing animations and won’t use any ability animations. You can see the full list of skins being updated and what the exact criteria for the recalls are on the original forum post!

You can check out all of the animations below courtesy of Surrender@20.

Of course, it’s important to note that this is all on the PBE, so things are likely going to be changed after player feedback.