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Zac’s tank update will keep him bouncy but less reliant on spamming skills

Our little goo boy is growing up!

Zac has been one of the bulkiest tanks in League of Legends. When you think of a tank, Zac is one of the main images that comes to mind. Rioter Shrieve posted a hint of what we’re going to see from the bouncing blob in the mid-season tank update!

He notes that Zac isn’t in the worst place, champion-wise. They like his Cell Division passive, his sustain by picking up his blobs, Elastic Slingshot’s unique engage opportunities and his knock-ups. After all, he’s a bouncy and fun champion and his kit reflects that!

However, the bane of Zac’s kit is the idea that all you have to do to be a “good Zac” once you engage is all the buttons.

After initiation, there is very little variance or mastery to his combat pattern, consisting of primarily sitting on one target and spamming his Q and W. Keeping in line with our overall Tank update goals, we’d like to shift some his reliable damage into additional forms of CC (we already felt that his two passives provide unique forms of defenses.)

- Shrieve

So less spamming attacks and more crowd control. Sounds horrifying, but we’re down for it. Zac’s kit will also see changes to his ultimate ability, since it’s very close to Wukong’s Cyclone. Riot really wants to keep Zac as a Vanguard, while keeping his gummy and playful personality!

He also noted that...Zac’s voice will finally pitch up and down depending on his size! It’s a dream come true. We did it, Internet!