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Maokai’s tank update will make him more rewarding to play

I think that’s what this post is implying.

This season’s mid-season update will focus on tanks! Tanks are seen as a huge problem since there is little counterplay to the beefy monsters. You can only shriek in fear as you’re CC’d to death while you fail to even make a dent in their tank flesh - or in this case, tree bark.

Rioter Beluga Whale posted on the forums what to expect from Maokai’s update, but the post itself seems a little...vague.

Maokai after the update should feel more powerful in certain gameplay scenarios, but less so in others. Expect us to play up both the anti-caster slant from his passive and his ability to claim and control areas with his Saplings, and for his efficacy and durability to be contingent on leveraging these strengths.

- Beluga Whale

So, Maokai is going to continue Maokai. Beluga Whale goes on to note that Maokai players will be rewarded more for making good plays, though he doesn’t explicitly state how.

Thematically, Maokai will be changed from the sad tree we know (and love?) to a more vengeful beast that we see in his updated lore.

While this isn’t as detailed as the update we were given for Sejuani, we’re still excited to see what Maokai’s changes bring.