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Patch 7.4 mid lane nerfs target Corki and Ryze’s burst damage

Bonus: easier to kill Katarina and a less janky Cassiopeia.

Corki and Ryze have spent almost all of League of Legends Patch 7.3 being tyrants in the mid lane. Corki with his unlimited range and hybrid damage, and Ryze with his ridiculous burst and lockdown. In 7.4, both are seeing changes specifically geared at lowering their burst damage.

Of the two, Corki is having the most things changed, and all of it centers around his ult, Missile Barrage. Normal missiles are seeing a significant nerf, both in base damage and AD/AP ratios. The Big One is actually seeing a small buff to mid and late game base damage, with an overall nerf in AP scaling. All of these nerfs come with some much needed clarity on Big One counting. Much like Annie, Corki is now getting an indicator under his health bar that will show how close he is to having the Big One. Once the Big One is ready, the bar will glow red as a warning to his enemies and a reminder to Corki.

Ryze only has one change, but it should be a literal lifesaver for anyone who plays against the blue mage. Ryze’s E, Essence Flux, now only amplifies his Q, Overload, damage by up to 80%, instead of 100%. This reduction in damage should save late game players from getting one shot by the the old 1-2-punch of the Ryze E-Q.

In other mid lane news, Katarina is having two base magic resist taken away from her and Cassiopeia’s tail now works correctly. They also fixed a bug with Cassiopeia’s ult, Petrifying Gaze. Flash-R will no longer randomly make the ult fire in a different direction, meaning that the ult will always fire in the direction that Cass was facing pre-flash.

If you play any of these champs, it is a tough patch for you, and a godsend for every other mid laner.