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Cho’Gath major Patch 7.4 changes, explained

Infinite feast stacking makes Cho a big boy.

Cho’Gath’s ability to enjoy a good meal has always been a staple of his champion, allowing him to grow in size and gain health with every successful crunch. Well, in Patch 7.4, Cho’Gath is receiving massive buffs to his ultimate, Feast. He will now be able to stack infinitely, along with a whole host of other changes.

That is right folks, you read the word infinitely correctly there. The cap of six has been lifted from Feast, and stacks will no longer be lost upon death. Instead, Cho’Gath now gains a stack every time he kills an epic monster or champion with Feast. Cho can still use minions and non-epic monsters for stacks as well, although he will get sick of having those after the 5th time and no longer benefit (Riot was specific to mention that up to five stacks can be gained from minions and non-epic monsters, regardless of if it is your 1st stack or your 21st).

If that all sounds too good to be true Cho mains, that’s because it is. Along with its fantastic new buffs, Feast is also seeing some power taken away. Feast will no longer heal Cho’Gath when used to kill an enemy unit. In a similar vein of power removal, Feast now grants one stack regardless of whether it is a champion or monster. The cooldown and mana refund has also been removed from minion kills.

Feast is also getting hit hard in the stat department, which is probably good considering that he can stack forever now. The AP ratio is being taken down a little bit as well as the bonus health gained per stack. That being said, Cho is getting some love in the bonus attack range department, which will now scale up to 75 at 10 stacks of Feast. Sadly, once Cho’Gath gets 10 stacks he will stop growing in size completely.

Changes like these can be scary, because all of us can picture the giant, 100 stack Cho’Gath 1v5ing in our solo queue games. On the other hand, this could be a really great update that brings an old champion forward and into the modern era. Fingers crossed that Cho’Gath doesn’t have a 70%+ win rate by the time aggregates the 7.4 stats.