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Raptors kill more League players than all other jungle camps combined

They’re probably bloodthirsty because people call them chickens.

Riot released statistics for executions in the jungle (player deaths caused by neutral monsters, not other players) and the numbers are much higher than you expect.

For one, Raptors destroy junglers. They’re small but the pack a punch since there’s so many of them. In fact, Raptors are responsible for 50.23 precent of the executions in the jungle! Next in line are Red Buff and Krugs, which are to blame for 23.80 percent and 20.57 percent of jungle executions respectively.

The data goes all the way back to Preseason 4 and it seems that throughout the jungle changes, Red Buff has taken the most lives. This may be because it’s the first or second big camp people do and when players are doing some off-meta jungling, like with Sona or Vayne, they might underestimate the damage from big red.

There’s also information showing which champions (junglers and non-junglers) got executed the most during preseason 7! Nidalee is the highest on the list by a long shot, followed by the squishy Fiddlesticks and Pantheon.

The article is insightful and there are these cute drawings of bloodthirsty jungle monsters speckled throughout it, so go check it out!