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Sejuani’s upcoming update will make her ult less powerful and her kit more thematic

She’ll fit her theme more with her updated kit.

Riot Solcrushed posted a tease of what is to come for Sejuani in the much-awaited Mid Season Tank Update.

After the update, tanks will ideally be more distinguishable from each other, as Riot looks to better differentiate playing styles. Riot will also be making the updated tanks more mechanically intensive, so there will be actual counter-play to them. (We’re all tired of a full tank Poppy destroying you for no reason.)

Solcrushed talks about how Sejuani has a lot of untapped potential. She is solely reliant on her ultimate ability, she has no abilities that show that she’s a barbaric tribe leader and she doesn’t really have any kind of unique game identity.

However, the update will add more to her kit to show off her cool cavalier design. Her kit will also be updated to become more engaging for players, and move some of the overwhelming power in her ultimate to some other parts of her kit.

We want to make her base pattern more engaging and worth mastering for Sejuani players, and also give enemies something to play around. We will be reworking her base spells so the majority of her damage no longer comes from just standing near her opponents. This will mean that we will need to take some of the power away from her currently overwhelmingly powerful ultimate so we can give all of her base spells real impact

- Solcrushed

Her passive will also be changed to be more defensive. She’ll output less damage, but her new passive will match her overall theme more. Sejuani will also have some supportive elements in her new kit, as Solcrushed said she’ll synergize with particular champions and offer other elements that leans into her barbarian leader backstory.

Sejuani is the first champion-specific information we’ve gotten about the tank update, but you can expect more rolling out in the coming days.