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Honor is getting a minor overhaul in season 8

This should help make things a little more clear as you level.

Riot Games

Honor was one of the coolest new systems that Riot added in 2017. It was also one of the most confusing. It was especially so when you were trying to identify when you would level up next and receive new rewards. Well, in a new blog post, Rioter NeuroCat has some pleasant news on the future of Honor.

Starting next year, Honor will have a checkpoint system. Between each level, there will be three checkpoints that players hit. This will help let players know as they get close to a new level and also offer some neat new rewards.

When players reach these new checkpoints, they will get guaranteed Honor Orbs. These orbs will likely contain Key Fragments, BE and champ shards, according to NeuroCat. Even better, these new orbs will continue to come after players have reached Honor level 5.

In a previous post, Rioters had mentioned not wanting to give players a visual indicator for Honor. The fear was that players would try and grind for Honor or abuse the system by trying to be extra nice. Riot believed that this would defeat the purpose of the Honor system entirely. The new checkpoints seem like a compromise to help players identify how close they are to a level while still allowing the level itself to be a surprise.

To finish up the post, NeuroCat detailed how all of our Honor will reset in Season 8. Players who achieved level 3 in season 7 will be placed at Level 2, checkpoint 1 when season 8 starts. Levels 4 and 5 will be placed at Level 2, checkpoint 2 and 3 respectively.

This system is currently in testing on the Public Beta Environment and should be hitting live servers before season 8 starts.