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A new competitive game mode, Clash, will bring back team play

Do you miss ranked fives? So does Riot.

In a new Nexus post, lead producer New001 did a Riot Pls video about the whole of season 7. He went over all of the great new things Riot added this year and briefly touched on a brand new game mode coming to League in 2018: Clash.

Clash is a limited time, competitive, pre-made, five player experience. Do you remember when ranked fives existed? Well, this is bringing things back. However, Clash won’t just be another ranked queue. Instead, Clash will allow you and four friends to create a team and run through a tournament bracket.

Riot Games

Players will have access to analytics from your opposing team’s games and a pick/ban system identical to the LCS. The goal is to create a competitive experience with high stakes and high rewards. To enter Clash, you’ll need to earn or purchase tickets that you can use to “buy in.” But in exchange, your team will win tournament capsules that Riot has yet to detail.

Clash is not something that will be accessible at all times. Instead, it will run at certain times a year and provide players with a unique, limited time experience. Clash is already being beta tested in some regions and will be heading to the live game in early 2018.

Gather your four best friends and prepare to have a fun little esport.