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You need to play one matchmade game to get your preseason goodies

You don’t even need to win.

Riot Games

You log in to League excited for the preseason dump of Blue Essence and free promised goods. You look at your BE amount and it’s ... the same amount of IP you had last night!? What gives?

Well, my friend. If you had bothered to read the little pop-ups, then you would know! You will get your BE refund (from runes) after completing one matchmade game. This can be Co-op vs. AI, ARAM, anything. You’ll get an emote and any epic skin refunds from doing the same thing. (If you ever bought a rune page with RP, you are getting a free random epic skin.)

That means some of you won’t have that middle quest because you bought all your rune pages with IP, which is fine. You get to keep all your rune pages and you still have to buy them, so you didn’t lose out on much.

The Rune Collector mission is worth different values to different players. The more runes you bought with IP in the past, the more you’ll get back.

With preseason officially started, everyone is eager to jump into a game and claim their loot! So, uh ... I’m going to go play an ARAM. Bye.