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New PROJECT game mode, Overcharged, coming to League of Legends

Become Overcharged and destroy your enemies as a marksman!

A new 3v3 game mode has been unlocked on the Public Beta Environment for testing to go with the upcoming PROJECT skin release.

Like the Star Guardian game mode, this one takes place on a whole new map made especially for it!

You can only play as different marksmen, with limited Summoner Spells. There’s no runes used on this map.


The win condition on is listed on the boards as the following:

Earn 50 points to win. Destroy Charge Bots and steal their Augmentation Fragments to overcharge your team and crush your opponents.

You gain points by killing enemy champions. Each kill nets you one, but if you are Overcharged, you get five points per kill!

To become Overcharged, you must kill Charge Bots that ocassionally spawn and carry them. After getting five, your team becomes Overcharged for 25 seconds. Being Overcharged is a bit similar to being Ascended in Ascension. You get 30 percent cooldown reduction (and 30 percent added to the CDR cap), 60 percent movement speed, 1000 mana regeneration per second and 25 percent bigger.

On this map, everyone’s spells do 50 percent more damage, though in return, every player is a little bit tankier. (15 armor and magic resist is added to each player.)

There’s a lot of detail to this game mode, but you can check out the full description on the League of Legends Boards.