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Zoe starts off with an OK win rate in her debut patch

48 percent isn’t bad at all.

Riot Games

Zoe released in Patch 7.23 and has been doing much better than we anticipated her to be. Her kit is tricky and takes quite a few games to get used to, but that’s not stopping the people playing her.

We’ll be looking at not only her mid lane win rate, but her support win rate, too! Apparently enough people have played her support for her to get support statistics. Fun! These statistics were pulled from

I know 48 percent is not a spectacular win rate by any means, but it’s hovering 50 percent, which is ... pretty good! Zoe’s kit really doesn’t feel like any other champions’ in the game. You can’t just say, “Oh, her W is like Vayne’s W,” the way you could with Gnar, Vi and many other champs. She truly is a unique champion, so she takes some getting used to. Still, people picked her up pretty fast.

As for support, it seems to be almost the exact same statistics as her mid stats. The items she builds are primarily the same: Luden’s Echo, Lich Bane, Rabadon’s Deathcap and other high AP items. In fact, she has a lower win rate when she has a Sightstone than when she doesn’t. Zoe doesn’t seem to be the most viable support, but her ability to pick active items and Summoner Spells is probably pretty good down in bot lane, where chaos is constantly ensuing.

The most popular Keystone Rune on her is Arcane Comet in the mid lane and as support, though Summon Aery has a higher win rate on her for support.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on Zoe to compare how she’s doing next week, too.