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All Random URF is returning, but only for certain champions

Only champions with snowy skins will be coming back this time around.

Riot Games

Yes, you read that right. ARURF is making a return with a limited champion pool and a slight twist. Only champions who can “bear the chill” can be picked, which means any champion with a Snow Day or winter-themed skin will be eligible to play.

All of the skins will be unlocked for you to play in this game mode, though! Check out a list of all the champions and skins below.

The champion pool isn’t restricted too badly, as a LOT of champions have winter skins, but there are some favorites missing. How am I supposed to play Soraka on ARURF now??

The game mode also has a nice twist: the snowballs from Mark/Dash go really far. Like, half the map away far.

The Poro King will also be making a return. This game mode is a mix of ARURF and Poro King, so land snowballs, summon the King and push down those towers!

Wearing your poro icons from the previous Poro King events will still give your poros skins, too!

Riot notes that these changes are only for winter and will not be a permanent change to how they give us ARURF in the future, so don’t worry. We’ll have normal ARURF back eventually.