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You can stack Black Cleavers using the Transcendence rune

So this is why everyone is building two of those things!

If you’ve been playing the preseason fairly regularly, you may have noticed a weird new trend in assassins and bruisers. The Kayns and Talons of the world have been building two Black Cleavers, back to back.

Normally this would be a horribly inefficient waste of gold and we would never suggest you do it. However, thanks to the new Transcendence rune in the Sorcery tree, certain champs can make it work.

For those not in the know, Transcendence grants you free 10 percent cooldown reduction when you hit level 10. Additionally, any CDR you get above the cap (default 40 percent) grants you extra adaptive AD or AP.

So with this, Black Cleaver is a very efficient item gold wise, offering 400 health, 40 AD and 20 percent cooldown reduction in addition to the two unique passives. While building two of them will obviously not double the effects of the passives, it will grant you the stats all over again. Black Cleaver can help you reach the CDR cap very easily and quickly, meaning that any and all CDR items you build for the rest of the game will just add directly to your damage, including a third or even fourth Black Cleaver.

This item has been pretty dang effective for quite some time now, so it seems fairly likely that Riot will punish the item and not the rune here. Building two Black Cleavers is pretty dumb, so go try out this weird new build before it goes away.