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First Win of the Day will give some Blue Essence, instead of just XP

Being so close to a new champion but having to play 10 more games to get them is ... outrageous.

Riot Games

Players have voiced their concerns about the new Blue Essence system. They feel like they’re earning less, they don’t want to waste their only free currency on Champion Mastery and it takes too long to achieve any amount of Blue Essence.

Riot has heard the complaints and has let everyone know that in an upcoming patch, the First Win of the Day bonus will give out about 50 BE and a little bit less XP in exchange.

Players were concerned about being tantalizingly close to buying their next champion, but having to play about 10 games or more to get the next bundle of BE. This is the fix to remedy that issue.

First, let's talk about tweaks to the First Win of the Day (FWotD) bonus. We've seen more than a few of you asking for some way to gain blue essence while you’re in-between levels so you can buy champions that would otherwise be just out of your reach.

Our plan here is to convert some of the XP from the First Win of the Day boost into straight up blue essence. At system launch, FWotD granted 575 XP. When we ship this change (aiming for sometime during patch 7.23) it'll instead grant 50 BE and 400 XP.

In the forum post, Riot Cactopus goes on to further explain the Blue Essence changes, how gaining XP changes as you level and other similar information. The new update is far from perfect, but he wants to be clear that Riot is listening to players’ concerns.