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League could see changes to the patch schedule

This new update cycle could hit as early as 2018.

Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, the design director of League of Legends, recently spoke with Russian publication CyberSport in an exclusive interview. While the interview is in Russian, The Game Feed was able to translate a few of the answers, one of which is very interesting.

It seems that Street and the team are considering switching update models in the next year. Rather than the two patches a month (every two weeks) that we’ve had for the past several years, we could be moving to one patch a month. In-between these patches, we would see small changes come out every two weeks.

We have patches between the seasons and among them, which players perceive better because they do not go out during professional tournaments. We always wanted to update League of Legends regularly: it’s unpleasant for players to wait a whole month if they play every day. But many players say that we change LoL too often. We are considering a system in which a large patch is released once a month, and every two weeks a small update that completes the previous one.

While this answer is translated and therefore prone to some possible errors, this could be an interesting change for League’s future. Based on some of Street’s other thoughts, this idea seems to be early, and something that the team is not concrete in. In another answer, he states that he is aware some players may be immediately turned off by the infrequency of patches and the fear that outlier champions would take a full month to reel in.

Either way, the team seems interested in striking a balance between frequent updates and updating too frequently. While some of us who play very happy with how frequently our favorite game gets changed up, there are plenty of vocal players who hate that aspect of the game. It is impossible to please everyone and changing things here could work fine or make everyone unhappy all at once.

What would you like to see them change to? Less frequent patches? More frequent? Or stay the same?