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Azir and Xin Zhao see improvements after Patch 7.19 changes

Azir is back to being pokey and annoying. Great.

Riot Games

Both Azir and Xin Zhao had mini updates to their kits this patch, changing how they’re played. While sometimes this is a recipe for disaster, it actually worked this time!

The following statistics were taken from

Azir went up from having a 44.82 percent win rate to having a 51.96 percent win rate! If that’s not a nice improvement, then I don’t know what is. Azir was always a strong champion, with a kit that was difficult to balance. He was always either too strong or too weak. With the most recent changes, he’s back on that weird pokey stuff.

Xin Zhao didn’t get as big as a boost as Azir did, but hey, anything is better than nothing. He now sits at about a 50 percent win rate in both the jungle and top lane, which is a good sign that a champion is balanced. Xin Zhao’s changes were much bigger than Azir’s, so it’s not unusual that people are taking time to get used to his new ultimate.

We’ll have to keep our eyes out to see if these champs are going to continue to do better, worse or if they’ll just flatline here.