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Galio is getting a mid-patch hotfix

This should help, right?

Riot Games

Galio’s changes in Patch 7.21 raised a lot of concerns and complaints with the community and now he’s getting a bit of a tweak!

His Q, Winds of War, was definitely one of the huge problems here with it’s high AP scaling. Players were extremely worried that they would be one-shot by an ability that’s on cooldown for a mere six seconds (at max rank) and would have to play extremely passively in fear of being burst by a single Q.

With this, it should help other champions against Galio quite a bit, though we can’t say for sure if this is going to fix everything. Players will more than likely continue to build AP Galio, as the rest of his kit still scales fairly nicely, so we’ll have to keep our eyes out for any further changes or issues that come through.

This hotfix is now live, so maybe you won’t have to instantly ban Galio in every game you get into! Maybe.