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Tales from the Rift event: new skins, missions and more

There’s no candy, but there’s a lot of limited edition skins for sale!

Riot Games

This year’s Halloween event has already started! There’s not any special loot crafting (though the Worlds 2017 event is still going) but there’s a whole lot of special things you can buy for a limited time, as well as two missions to complete!


Dressed to Kill: Encounter 30 skins in matchmade games. Counts up to 10 skins per game.

Just play a couple matchmade games to get this quest fulfilled in no time.

Reward: Death Sworn icon

Death Sworn: Take down the following in matchmade games. Anyone on your team can contribute to this mission.

Kill two Barons

Kill two Neutral Rift Heralds

Kill eight Dragons

Time to try to kill as many epic monsters as possible!

Reward: Death Sworn Ward Skin Shard (Note that this is a shard, so you’ll need orange essence to make it permanent, or you can disenchant or reroll it.)


The three Death Sworn skins are available for a limited time! To celebrate the spookiest day of the year, past Halloween skins have come out of the legacy vault.

There’s also a handful of older skins moving into the Legacy vault, but they’re marked as 50 percent off before they go!


You didn’t think Halloween was going to come and go without Riot releasing limited edition emotes, did you?

You have until November 1 at 2:59 a.m. ET to grab any loot you want and to complete the missions, so get on it!