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Jungle creep score change coming this preseason

CS is going to be universal per camp starting soon.

Riot has announced some upcoming jungle changes in a recent Dev blog. While there are plenty of small changes regarding catch up experience, the most controversial change is to jungle creep score. Instead of offering a single CS for each monster in the camp, every camp cleared will offer a flat four.

The change is intended to help track the overall gold of the enemy jungler, but some junglers seem to disagree with the change.

Junglers use the CS counter to track where their enemy has been and what camps they have taken. If you saw an enemy in the river and they were level three but only had three CS, you would know they went: Red buff, Blue buff, Gromp. If they had five: Red buff, Murk Wolves, Blue Buff.

This change is meant to add clarity to gold but at the cost of crucial jungle pathing information. None of these changes are final, but we should see the jungle re-balance hit when preseason does on November 7.

Do you think this creep score change should make the cut or get scrapped?