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New champion teaser: fall asleep from bubbles on the Rift

Zzzzz ...


In a recent Public Beta Environment update, there has been a strange addition to the Rift, according to Surrender@20.

Before the walls go down in the first few seconds of the game, there’s a chance that a bubble may spring from the wild and hit your champion, making them drowsy. After a bit, the champion will fall asleep while glowing with butterflies surrounding them.


This is definitely a hint at the new burst mage that we saw earlier in an update post. Could putting people to sleep be a new form of crowd control they’re bringing to League?


Dreaming and butterflies is a theme some have seen before, with Maplestory’s Lucid immediately coming to mind. (Though we know that this champion’s design is going to be more lighthearted, instead of dark, like Lucid’s.) Butterflies are whimsical and beautiful, so we can’t wait to see this design.

With teasers out now, we can expect to see the champion reveal sooner than later. For now, you can practice getting hit with bubbles on the PBE.