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Evelynn’s win rate is expectedly low, Ornn’s creeps up more

I’m probably not the only Evelynn player who has accidentally ulted over a wall during a jungle fight, right?

Riot Games

Evelynn’s rework finally dropped in Patch 7.20, but what does that mean for her win rate? It’s lower than it was in Patch 7.19, but not by much. Ornn also got yet another set of changes this patch that have helped him creep up to a slightly healthier place.

All statistics retrieved from and are from games ranked Platinum or higher.

So Evelynn went down about 5 percent, from 49.40 percent to 44.45. That isn’t the worst we’ve seen from champion updates, though it’s certainly not the best. Her kit is fairly straight forward and it has a lot of elements retaining from her previous version. Though, getting her new ultimate and charm just right is tricky and will take practice.

We’ll definitely take another look at Evelynn next patch!

Ah yes, we’re back again. Ornn is still getting buffs and still creeping back up towards 50 percent. He started at a 36.71 percent win rate on release in Patch 7.17, but now he’s sitting out 48.90. His win rate is going up bit by bit in each patch, though we can probably expect a couple more tweaks from Riot before he’s just right.