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Irelia and Aatrox are getting updates after Swain

Lord help the top lane.

Riot Games

We already knew that Swain would be the next visual and gameplay update to come to League of Legends, but Riot confirmed in their Champion Roadmap post for October that Irelia would be next in line for an VGU with Aatrox following close behind, but with a gameplay only update.

The post sheds a little light on Swain’s new direction, but it isn’t anything we haven’t heard before. The biggest new information was centered around the changes that were coming for Irelia.

According to their short post about her update, Riot is fairly happy with the place of Irelia’s Bladesurge ability, but the rest of her kit is very likely to change. This should leave Irelia as a practically brand new champion. Riot says it’s important that they keep what people currently love about Irelia, while updating her to make sure that her fantasy is at the forefront of her kit.

Meanwhile, the post doesn’t have much at all to say about Aatrox, other than to say he is being worked on. The post mentions that the update will be their largest gameplay only update ever, which means it’s going to take a while to get right.

The post doesn’t have much of a timeline, but says that we’ll be hearing more about all three of these updates, as well as the new champion that it teases, soon.