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The next new champion will be a bubbly burst mage

Now this is a theme I can get onboard with.

Riot Games

The latest Champion Roadmap post has given us a hint about what we’ll see in the future. We already knew about the Swain update, but we were given insight on a new champion that’ll be changing the Rift soon.

The post notes that it’ll be a mage champion that fights from “interesting angles” and that the mage will have unique abilities never seen before in League.

The bubble graphic attached definitely has a whimsical vibe, similar to what we see with Lulu, our beloved Fae Sorceress. Could this be another person from The Glade, the enchanted forest that Lulu spent a lot of time in? Or maybe it’ll be something completely different.

The post also noted that the champion will have a more lighthearted theme, contrasting the darker themes we’ve seen on past new champion releases like Kayn, Ornn, Xayah and Rakan.

Those pastel colors will be hard to miss on the Rift, so we’re excited to see what this new champion will have to offer when the time comes.