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Check out the Warwick update’s appropriately horrifying teaser video

“I told you this was a bad deal, man!”

A few days ago, Riot put up a new lore post on its Universe website that appeared to tease at the long-awaited Warwick update. In the story, Singed is working on a new creation, with pictures in the background that strongly suggested Warwick was the experiment in question.

With a video teaser released Monday, that’s all confirmed. We already knew the Warwick update would be coming before any new champion, and now we know a little bit more about it.

In the video, two men are simultaneously hunting and being hunted by Warwick — one has a gun and is firing on Warwick, while the other is only interested in getting the heck away (and who can blame him). It’s a tense, claustrophobic video shot from a first-person point of view, throwing you right into getting chased by a terrifying werewolf.

The new Warwick looks significantly more augmented than the previous iteration, with a giant claw and some sort of tube on its back, both of which light up green and orange in the video. It turns orange once the character in the video starts bleeding, so that’s probably a hint towards a new interaction with Blood Scent.

We also see Warwick leap towards his target at the end of the video, so be prepared for him to have a different sort of gap closer than the point-and-click ultimate you’re used to. Expect a new kit announcement for Warwick in the coming days.