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Early surrender, changes to runes and masteries and more coming in LoL Season 7

Yes, Courage of the Colossus is going to be nerfed again.

There are many small updates noted by Andrei “Meddler” van Roon in the latest State of the Game update, including features being updated for pregame, like masteries and runes, and features like early surrender being added.

Courage of the Colossus is going to be nerfed yet again, and maybe even changed so that more champions can viably use it.

Masteries and runes have always been a huge concerns for players, since while keystone masteries seem pretty important, the remainder of masteries just add small stat bonuses and smaller utility changes.

For a while now we’ve been working within the constraints of the existing mastery system (three trees, 30 points total to spend, points linked to account level) to test some theories around concentrating power, making power more visible, offering clearer choices, etc. Lessons learned from that that we plan to make use of include things like the importance of finding effects beyond damage and sustain when making appreciable masteries (e.g. vision or other utility) and that we’ll need more than three trees to offer interesting, useful choices to all the different classes (five is our current estimate).

- Meddler

To offer a wider variety of masteries, Riot is considering adding more skill trees to choose from, breaking free of the 30 points and three trees system that has been used for years.

Unanimous surrender at 15 minutes is also still being worked on and it’ll roll out onto one region for testing once it’s ready.

There will also be smaller quality of life updates for the players, including being able to see things like magic resist and armor shreds via health bar. Other changes including changing who hears champion voice lines on the map and clearing up clutter on the spectate user interface.

The mastery changes won’t be coming until later in the year and Meddler says there will be updates about the masteries before they get shoved onto the Public Beta Environment.