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Lunar Revel Crafting guide: how to get epic skins and gemstones

Give me those gemstones!!

This year with League of Legends’ annual Lunar Revel event, another special crafting event is upon us! While in the past crafting has been kind of complicated, Riot breaks it down very simply. The event should be live now through February 2.

Here’s how it works:

Buy Lunar Revel red envelopes.

Each envelope can be bought for 250 RP each.

Each envelope comes with a skin shard and a random relic.

You can redeem the skin shard using regular Hextech Crafting. The relics, Golden, Pauldron and Gauntlet, do different things, however!

Redeem the relics into special shards or items.

Three Pauldron Relics combine into an epic skin shard! (Epic skins are ones that cost 1350 RP.) Four Gauntlet Relics combine into a random permanent skin or any tier. Five Golden Relics can combine into gemstones to get the special Hextech Annie or Soulstealer Vayne skin! Of course, if you’re not interested in those skins, you can just turn your gemstone into a regular Hextech Chest and Key.

If the idea of those items don’t tickle your fancy or you don’t have enough of one relic to craft a certain item, you can combine three of any relic into an instant box and key.

Easy peasy! You can buy the special red envelopes and participate in the Lunar Revel Crafting until February 2 at 11:59 p.m PST, so get cracking!