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New Warwick can basically jump across 1⁄4 of the map at full speed


When Warwick’s new kit was announced, one thing stuck out — his ultimate, which is generally the thing to stick out in new kits. It’s pretty similar to his old ult, in which Warwick would just click somebody and he would stick to them pretty much until they died, but there’s 1) more counterplay involved 2) much more potential for flashy plays.

See, instead of a point-and-click ability, Warwick’s ultimate is now a skillshot — he leaps at the enemy and sticks to the first one he hits. Oh, and the leap scales with movement speed, so the faster he goes, the longer he flies.

Naturally, Vandiril, who tests these kinds of things all the time, set out to find exactly how far Warwick could jump with his ultimate with maximum speed.

That’s nearly a quarter of the map!!! It’s unlikely a Warwick would ever have this much movement speed on his time (a comp with Kayle, Zilean, Galio and Lulu seems unlikely), but now you know his limits. Thanks, Vandiril!