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First look at new Warwick’s jungle clear

Nice and fast, for the hungry werewolf with a place to be.

Riot Games

One thing Warwick has never really had a problem with is farming the jungle. With lifesteal built into his kit as well as bonus damage on his auto attacks and (usually) attack speed-focused builds, the werewolf has always been a reliable farmer, even if his pre-rework version didn’t allow him to do much else before level six.

How does new Warwick farm, you ask? This may shock you, but quite well, it appears. Or at least that’s what YouTube user stonewall0008 found when using the new Warwick on the PBE.

You add that clear to an E with absurd damage reduction and a fear effect and an ultimate in which Warwick can pretty much leap across a quarter of the map, and he’s certainly looking like a jungler to be feared. ADCs in 2017 ... watch out!