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Camille won’t be released until next week

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Riot Games

We first heard about Camille, League of Legends’ newest champion, nearly a month ago when a web-comic was released teasing the lady with the knife legs. And ever since her ability kit was announced a few days later, we’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Patch 6.24 so we can finally play her in a real game.

Well, there’s been a little bit of a delay. Lead Camille designer Jeevun Sidhu (known as Riot Jag) commented on Reddit that she won’t be released until next week (the week of December 12), per Surrender at 20’s Moobeat:

All you hopeful Camille mains out there will have to wait just a few days longer to get your hands on the new champion or her release skin, Program Camille, pictured at the top of this post. For more on her design, read our interview with Riot Lead Designer Ghostcrawler where he talks about how Camille is a return to the “easy to learn, hard to master” strategy of champion design.