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The broken level 3 krugs-Red-gank has been patched

Botlane’s preseason nightmare finally comes to an end

Riot Games

One of the strongest aspects of the League of Legends 2017 preseason has been the ability of junglers to out-level laners. In no place was this advantage more visible then in the early game, when a jungler could take Red Buff and Krugs and get level three before any laner possibly could.

While this made a difference on occasion in the top lane, it was most frustrating for bot lane, where a level three jungler jumping into a level-one lane could make a huge difference. This would often throw the entire lane into the favor of team that received the gank, helping them snowball a huge early lead.

Riot Games

Thankfully, Riot heard the cries of bot lanes everywhere and made a change in patch 6.24 that looks to slow down some of the game’s quickest junglers. After the patch the first Krugs kill will net the jungler slightly less experience:

EXPERIENCE :: Ancient Krug now grants ||| 125 >>> 62.5 experience on first kill

This should help keep the early game a little more even and allow everyone a moment of peace and quiet in lane before a jungler joins the party.

Check out our patch breakdown for more information on all the changes coming to the game when patch 6.24 hits on December 7th.