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Warwick’s rework will release before the next new champion

Our furry friend(?) might see the light of day again.

Riot listed Warwick on the Champion Update Schedule quite a bit ago, but we haven’t seen any recent news about his rework.

Until Thursday, that is. Andrei “Meddler” van Roon has confirmed on the forums that Warwick (and Galio’s) update will be coming in 2017 and Warwick’s update will release before the next champion is revealed!

Both will be next year, both their actual releases and any teasers/promo stuff for them. Warwick's the next large scale update that will come out and will be out before the next new champion.

- Meddler

Warwick’s model and kit have not aged well. Both are clunky and odd feeling, especially in comparison to how complex champions like Camille and Ryze are. His updated is much needed, since he hasn’t been relevant since patch 4.20, when the older jungle changes were released, making him a top pick.

There haven’t been any hints about what Warwick’s update will change, but we’re keeping our eyes open.