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How Snowdown Crafting works: legacy skins, new icons and more

Christmas must have come a little early!

For the annual Snowdown Showdown event, there will be special Hextech Crafting to get yourself some legacy icons, skins and other goodies. As usual, the release of the special crafting system seems kind of complicated, but it isn’t so bad.

Here’s what will be available during the event:

Hextech Boxes

These are your normal boxes that you get year-round, but they just look a little snowier. Each one drops a Snowdown Sweet (more on that later), in addition to the normal stuff. There is a chance that it will also drop Poro King’s Treasure Chest fragments!

Legacy Chests

This chest only drops skin shards for retired legacy skins and it requires no key. It costs 295 RP and will only be available on weekends.

Snowdown Chests

For 295 RP, you can get what is essentially an improved version of the original box. This box has double the chance to drop the Poro King’s Treasure Chest fragments and it also drops three Snowdown Sweets. You can only buy six of these per day.

The skin shards that get dropped by these boxes follow a special theme every day. You can see the full list here. A new theme is announced every day, and each one will be available at least twice over the course of the event!

Poro King’s Treasure Chests

Combine three Poro King’s Treasure Chest fragments to get this very special box! You get a guaranteed permanent skin shard from the box. This chest is not purchasable, you can only get it through crafting.

Snowdown Sweets

These drop from boxes and you can use them to craft special icons! If you’re not opening up enough boxes to get the candy you want, you can buy two per weekend day for 200 IP each.

The Amumu and Poro icon give you special emotes to use in game, similar to the esports icons during special events!

All of this is available now until January 9, so get out there and join the Snowdown Showdown!