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Camille is out: price, release skin and how she works

Meet my new mom.

After what seems like an extra long PBE cycle, Camille has finally been released on to the live servers. We’re excited to slice and dice (and not as Renekton) as much as you guys are, and here are all the nitty gritty details about her release.

How do you pronounce her name?

Ka-meel. Not “ka-mill” or “ka-mihl-ay” or anything like that.

Oooh! What does she look like?

She’s pretty swanky looking, with all her cables and stuff.


How much does she cost?

For the champion alone, you can get her for 7800 IP or 975 RP! That’s about $10. Next week, she will be lowered to the normal IP cost of 6300 IP.

You can get her release skin, Program Camille for 1350 RP, or bundled together for a limited time with the champion for 1837 RP, which is a little less than $20 worth.

What lane will she go in?

Camille belongs in the top lane, but as we all know the meta is ever-changing. She could maybe be seen in mid or even the jungle, but for now, she’s meant to go top. And because she’s a new champion, you’re going to see her at support for a bit, too.

How do you play her?

I cannot answer this question concisely, so you should just read Ryan Gilliam’s guide on her here!

Wait. Her ultimate does WHAT?

Yes, it traps an enemy champion of choice in a region and they can’t leave. The region stays up until the target dies, Camille leaves the area or four seconds pass. However, Camille can be knocked out of the area with displacements. This is a bad time for ADCs.

Where does she belong in the lore?

Camille is a cyborg who was once fully human. (She literally doesn’t have a human heart anymore, much less human legs.) She believes in meting out justice against people who oppose her extremely powerful family. Unlike police officers Caitlyn and Vi, who stand for justice within the law (with some exceptions from Vi), Camille is willing to kill anyone who gets in her way. There’s a reason why she’s like this, though, and you can see it all on the League of Legends Universe website.

Is any other champion cheaper now after her release?

Yep! Diana is 4800 IP and Galio is 3150 IP now. Please buy Galio.

Can I play her and instalock her in my next ranked game?

Sighs. Yes. You can.