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Azir and Garen buffs are happening and nobody is happy about it

Not me, not Azir and Garen mains, nobody.

Azir and Garen both have buffs in patch 6.24, but mains of both of the champions seem pretty unhappy with them.

Azir’s buffs focus on giving a lower charge cooldown for Arise! (W) and adding more power to his towers for his Shurima’s Legacy.

Shurima's Legacy (P):

- Turret AD per minute increased to 4 from 3.*

- Gold reward for enemies killing Azir's turret lowered to 50g from 100g.

- [Construction time going down to 3.5 from 5 but may not make it into 6.24]

Arise! (W) recharge time lowered to 10/9/8/7/6 from 12/11/10/9/8

Via Surrender@20

Garen’s buff adds a new passive ability to his Judgment (E) ability.

Judgment (E) - [new effect] "Enemy champions hit by 4 spins lose 25% of their armor for 6 seconds."

Via Surrender@20

However, both Garen and Azir mains have a problem with the buffs that they voiced when the change went live on the Public Beta Environment, claiming that this isn’t enough for the champions, both of whom have low win rates (42.82% for Azir and 47.44% for Garen,) to be strong again. Andrei “Meddler” van Roon has responded to the player’s concerns on the forums.

He notes that Azir (like Kalista) is tricky to work with, since they’ve both been very strong in the game before, especially at high levels of play. Riot has to make sure that while tuning those champions, they don’t just revert to their original unhealthy forms.

There are some champs, Azir and Kalista being the most prominent two right now, with whom we're really cautious when buffing. They are weak, but have been significant game health problems in the past. That means buffs that aren't accompanied by bigger game health changes are going to be small (at least in a single patch) and targeted at parts of their kits that haven't been the main sources of problems.

- Meddler’s response to Azir concerns

He also responded that Riot does want to buff Garen to be more helpful in team compositions, since his normal combo can destroy squishies pretty easily.

We want Garen to be more impactful on team compositions. We want champions in general to have a moderate degree of impact on which champions you pick alongside them. Garen at present's pretty soft in that regard, with a low degree of team power contribution (as opposed to personal power). Adding an Armor Shred, rather than just increasing his own damage, makes it more attractive to pair him with multiple other champions with significant physical damage.

- Meddler on Garen’s changes

Both of these changes will hit live when patch 6.24 releases on December 7th.