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Gameplay footage of Camille

Missed our stream of League’s newest Champion? No problem.

Riot Games

Earlier this week, Ryan Gilliam and Austen Goslin trudged through the PBE queues for what felt like hours, all to bring you, the good people of the Rift Herald community, some gameplay footage of League’s newest badass lady, Camille.

Over the course of the stream, two games were played, both of which can be seen in this video here:

Things went fairly well for Ryan on Camille, but somehow, the PBE gods find a way. The first game had a jungler who forgot smite (hence the early game “ganks” top) and the second had a top Vayne who left about ten minutes in. All in all, not great luck. But still, we captured some cool footage and had some fun with friends. Isn’t that all that really matters?

Camille is expected to be released onto the live League of Legends client sometime in early December. Between now and then, we here at the Rift Herald will be putting out a ton of Camille related content, so keep an eye out. Ryan, who is currently working on the guide for Camille, should also be streaming out some more games before her release. Jump on over to the Rift Herald’s Twitch page and give us a follow so you don’t miss the next one. You can also follow us on Twitter if you want to stay extra informed on all of our content.