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Solo queue is now live in League of Legends

Put down the pitchforks.

Riot Games

After a few weeks of preseason with only the sometimes finicky flex queue to play ranked games on, the long-awaited return of solo queue is finally here. After a few days of testing on the Oceania servers, solo/duo queue is now live in regions across the world.

Solo queue has been highly anticipated since its return was announced in October. After years of League of Legends ranked play with only solo and duo queuing available (as in, only being able to queue in a party of one or two players), dynamic queue was introduced in Season 5 as a way to attempt to encourage larger groups of people to play together, but negative feedback from a highly competitive community eventually caused the return of the solo/duo system.

A reminder: your ladder standing will reset when the new season starts December 6. Games you play on the solo/duo ladder during preseason will impact your MMR, however, so your placement will be affected by how you play this month (if you play this month).