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Lol esports

Lol esports on The Rift Herald

Zirene leaves Riot Games after five years

Alex “Machine” Richardson joins the LEC analyst desk, Crumbz to NA

The Mid-Season Invitational is headed to Vietnam and Taiwan for 2019

2019 LCS Spring Finals are heading to St. Louis

LEC Spring Split 2019: Rosters, Franchised teams, and more

Here is the 2019 LCS Spring Split schedule

Watch Rewards are returning for the 2019 season

The NA LCS is changing its name and returning on Jan. 26 2019

The 2018 League of Legends World Finals had nearly 100 million viewers

Saintvicious resigns as FlyQuest coach following damaging comments about mental health

Sneaky and Bang cosplay Xayah together at the 2018 All-Star event

League of Legends All-Star 2018: Schedule, format and more

Pobelter moves to FlyQuest after one season with Team Liquid

Echo Fox sign Rush and welcome back mid laner Fenix

G2 is adding Caps to mid lane, moving Perkz to ADC

The players for the 2018 All-Star event have been announced

Veteran jungler Meteos picked up by Optic Gaming

Clutch Gaming sign former Echo Fox top laner Huni

kt Rolster signs Bdd and SnowFlower

LCK 2019 season: Roster changes, free agents and more

Crown is coming to North America to start for OpTic Gaming

SK Telecom T1 signs Khan, Teddy and Mata

This stream has:

2019 LoL Esports offseason: New rosters, player moves and more

NA LCS 2019 season: Roster changes, free agents and more

100 Thieves sign Bang and Huhi, Ryu moves to coaching role

Team Liquid signs CoreJJ as the team’s new support

The EU LCS is changing its name to LEC and adding 10 franchised teams

Jensen leaves Cloud9, moves to Team Liquid

Former world champions Ambition and Crown have parted ways with Gen.G esports

SwordArt, Maple and MooJin leave Flash Wolves, MMD retires

Sjokz announces move to freelance from EU broadcast team

Invictus Gaming wins 2018 League of Legends World Championship