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Riot’s new Pro View will let you watch favorite LCS or LEC players all game

Pro View will let you watch games from 10 different POVs

Riot Games

Over the years, Riot’s spectator team for pro matches has gotten pretty good at what they do. You’ll likely never miss a big lane trade, a gank or an important fight. But for some viewers just watching the standard broadcast isn’t quite enough, they’d rather focus on one specific role or player. And that’s where Pro View comes in.

Riot’s new Pro View is a set of premium spectator tools that the company is opening up to viewers in the LEC and LCS regions. The tools will allow viewers to customize their own stream of each game. They can choose from 10 POVs, one for each player in the game, as well as use the feature’s multiview options which will let viewers watch up to four POVs at once.

The new Pro View mode will also feature an advanced timeline that shows kills, tower takedowns, and other big plays when you go back in live games or during VODs. Viewers can sync their streams with those of friends to make sure you’re both starting from the same point if you watch together.

Pro View will be coming to the LEC and LCS in time for the Summer 2019 Split. The tools will be $14.99 for access to a single region and its games, or $19.99 for access to Pro View for both regions. Revenue from Pro View will go directly toward the support of teams in each region.