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Watch Rewards are returning for the 2019 season

Watch Rewards aren’t just for Worlds anymore

Riot Games

Watch Rewards were introduced into League of Legends just last year as a part of the 2018 World Championships. They awarded players with a small amount of tokens for checking out games during Worlds. This year, Watch Rewards are back and there will be different versions for several of the world’s biggest leagues.

The rewards this time around will include Emotes, Icons, XP, and Blue Essence. Just like during Worlds, players will be required to watch either live games or VoDs on after signing in with their League login information. Players will need to watch at least 10 minutes of a game or VOD in order to get credit for the missions.

The rewards will be available in the following regions on the date listed:

  • Brazil — Jan. 11
  • Turkey — Jan. 13
  • Latin America, Europe, North America, Oceania, and Japan — Jan. 17

According to Riot, the addition of Watch Rewards for the regular season is just the first of many planned ways to connect League of Legends with the pro viewing experience, but we’ll have to wait until later in 2019 to find out what those ways are.